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candidate Beatriz Sánchez voting in November 2017 elections
December 7, 2017
Roland Benedikter, Miguel Zlosilo

Over the past decade there was a rhetoric in Chile as in many other democracies worldwide that the center-oriented coalitions of the nation’s left and the right were barely distinguishable, that the democratic scenery lacked any dialectic between true alternatives… As with Trump in the U.S. and the recent elections in Europe, the outcome of Chile’s presidential elections this November has proven the opposite.

posters from 2009 Swiss referendum to ban construction of minarets on mosques
December 5, 2017

The normatively dependent concept of toleration itself does not tell us from what we should take our guidance.… I think, by...

Burmese nationalist protester holding banner denying Rohingya ethnicity
November 30, 2017

British colonialism sowed the most important seeds for the current crisis. Britain ruled Burma as part of the Indian Raj, enabling...

Kumbh Mela offering, Ganges River
November 28, 2017

Hindu pluralism is basically a form of peaceful coexistence with other religions in a spirit of relative indifference, each...

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