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Graphic 4: infographic depicting Medical Services in Sham Province for the year 1437 hijri” al-Naba. no. 70
October 19, 2017
Michael Degerald
While extreme violence projects one facet of state power, the incompleteness of the Daesh ‘state’ renders it unable to fulfill other basic functions… Daesh has also lost significant territory, falling further from full statehood and struggling to hold onto what little remains. Daesh media attempt to elide this weakness with displays of strength, dominance, and competence.
man walks past wall covered in posters of Hugo Chavez
October 17, 2017

Given the overall dissatisfaction with the effects of the Washington Consensus in the region, it became relatively easy for pink...

participants in the 7th Global Forum of the UNAOC in Baku, Azerbaijan, 26 April 2016.
October 12, 2017

The Alliance wants to enhance the lives of those on the sharp end of civilizational enmity, via stakeholders working closely and...

ISIS soldier carrying banner
October 10, 2017

Too much of our understanding, strategy, rhetoric, and policy-making is limited by a Western orientation to a non-Western...

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