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Apr 2018

banknote, 100 Hong Kong Dollars
April 24, 2018

[T]he idea of freedom in supposedly "postcolonial" Hong Kong is still very much colonial and objectified—it is often talked about as something granted by the old master, then inherited or ruined by the new master.... If freedom is really a "universal value," it has to be "re-articulable" for all sorts of people to re-experience, re-imagine, and re-shape their status quos—or else it will be no more than grandiose yet hollow rhetoric.

installation by French artist JR peers over the U.S.-Mexico border at Tecate, California
April 17, 2018

South Asian strategic thinkers have always sidelined and trampled any attempt to change the traditional contours of security...

Russian billboard showing presidents Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin: "Let's Make the World Great Again - Together!"
April 10, 2018

Emerging new political movements in Europe and elsewhere are difficult to classify and they seem to be unified only by their...

Choi Hung public housing estate, Hong Kong
April 3, 2018

[H]omeownership in Hong Kong between the 1960s and 1990s had the political effect of channeling people's free conduct along a...