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Jan 2018

photo of “Umbrella Man” by Hong Kong artist Milk, with Post-It note covered “Lennon Wall.”
January 16, 2018

Hong Kong has been a city affording liberty but not democracy. There is a vigorous rule of law in place, and the people in general also have high respect for human rights. Moreover, the city is especially proud of its economic freedom. Yet it has one of the widest wealth gaps…. A most urgent task for Hong Kong… is to reconsider and re-engage with not only these tensions but also the mutual conditioning between liberty and equality.

Bansky mural painting in Bethlehem -- Armored Dove of Peace
January 9, 2018

The most fundamental social dynamic governing most relationships, and the DNA for peacefulness, is the norm of reciprocity. It has...

Student protestors hold image of B.R. Ambedkar after January 2016 suicide death of Rohith Vemula, a Dalit scholar suspended by Hyderabad Central University
January 4, 2018

Ambedkar and Du Bois in some ways imply [an] ambitious model, in which fully global institutions would play significant roles in...