Submission Guidelines

global-e welcomes submissions from scholars and practitioners in the field of global studies. Commentaries should focus on public issues, theoretical debates, methodological challenges, and curricular concerns. We are especially interested in essays that employ concise, polished, and provocative prose to address readers across disciplines as well as broader constituencies outside the academy. Our postings typically range between 1200 to 1500 words, although we are willing to consider shorter pieces, especially those that address timely issues or breaking news. So, for example, we are open to brief submissions that provide critical perspective on recent elections, demonstrations, or cultural events.
global-e is an open access publication and therefore does not claim exclusive rights to an author’s submission. Indeed, we encourage scholars and practitioners to contribute notes, précis, and extracts from longer publishing projects or multi-faceted lines of inquiry. We also are looking for essays that are prompted by research endeavors that may be at an embryonic stage. And we are open to proposals for collections of essays that focus on a particular topic.
In order to make full use of our digital publishing capacities, contributors are encouraged to include hyperlinks, graphics, charts, video, and other illustrative materials. When sending graphics and images, please submit largest possible TIFF or JPEG files up to a maximum size of 2MB.
Please email enquires and submissions to Victor Faessel, managing editor. 

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