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Oct 2018

Melbourne Australia newsstand with Artforum magazine cover that reads, “Imagine a World Without America”
October 16, 2018

[W]e must redefine the traditional disciplinary approach to visual images and the ways we understand and investigate global politics by also appreciating the complexity of the politics of representation itself. This... is mostly about an understanding of the ideological difference between a statement (text) and an image (representation), since they are produced and consumed through different symbolic systems. Therefore, they need to be approached and understood differently.

Maasi villager displays the head of a bull recently killed by lions.
October 9, 2018

The process of land privatization and individualization of tenure in Kenya’s Maasai rangelands was anticipated to confer...

female tea pluckers at work in a Darjeeling tea garden
October 2, 2018

Today this orthodox darling of connoisseurs… is fatally sick, with problems [that] have not only dislocated thousands of tea...