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"Je suis le changement" banners - Global Climate March, Paris, France 2014
April 20, 2017
Stephen Gill

Assessing the public imagination must relate not simply to disorientation, to conditions of bare life or to the narrow economism of mainstream debates over Brexit and budget deficits.  It also involves a dialectic of utopia/dystopia. One element in this thinking is what I call a “feasible utopia” of the “post-modern Prince.”

Young Muslims protest at Kansas Republican Caucus in Wichita, Kansas, on March 5, 2016. Photo by Dave Kaup/Reuters
April 18, 2017

Despite the sources of pluralism in Islam... and the long and rich history of Muslims in the West, there is still profound...

"odio gli indifferenti" - I hate the indifferent. -A. Gramsci
April 11, 2017

[W]hile it is right to suggest that Gramsci needs to be re-discovered as a vantage point on the present moment… all in all, Gramsci...

cellphone user on train platform
April 6, 2017

[O]ne of the key challenges for scholars is to make the concept of globalization more salient by exploring continuities and...