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Predator control room, US Air Force public domain
December 2016
The use of signature strikes where the identities of those targeted and killed are unknown… is particularly problematic because it is...
UN General Assembly summit on the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals
December 2016
Although significant progress has occurred vis-à-vis the Millennium Development Goals, the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals still...
Thomas Nast political cartoon, 1870: "Throwing Down the Ladder by Which They Rose"
December 2016
The old Greek tension between racial nativism and egalitarianism is the unsolvable riddle on which we have built our political world....
December 2016
The ordering of intimacy is at the center of the political-theological struggles that have been shaking the Muslim world for half a...
South Asian child is tested for malnutrition
December 2016
...including nutrition in a rights-based framework is critical to ensuring that marginalized and vulnerable segments of the population...
Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán
November 2016
It is unsurprising that Orbán and Hun Sen, as well as Duterte (who has made friends with China and recently described Obama in...


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