21st century

Our research cluster analyzes the specific features of contemporary globalization, emphasizing the social forces, fields, and trajectories that are shaping our world today.

Areas of Research

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Gender & Islam
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Human Rights
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Media & Culture
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Political Economy


  • Contracting Human Rights book cover
    PublicationsMarch 2018
    A new book co-edited by Mellichamp Professor Alison Brysk contributes to building understanding of the maturation of human rights, from a dissident doctrine to a dynamic parameter of global governance and civil society.
  • Changing Constellations book cover
    PublicationsMarch 2018
    Mellichamp Professor Jan Nederveen Pieterse is co-editor of a new volume that contributes to critical political economy and comparative development studies of Southeast Asia, whose emerging economies have become important drivers of the world economy.
  • WHAP! lecture series logo
    EventsFebruary 2018
    Jan Nederveen Pieterse lectures at CalArts on the salience of, and the forces impinging on, contemporary art in the present phase of globalization. The talk is hosted by the CalArts School of Critical Studies WHAP! Lecture Series.
March 13, 2018

People sharing common ideas connect first through informal groups. Such groups of people within any given two societies that are in some form of conflict with each other can arguably become the most effective basis for building peace and fostering conflict reconciliation between the two sides. [...] Using the advantages of IT technologies and social networks in conjunction with the whole set of preventive diplomacy tools could be a very effective way to overcome the isolation of migrant enclaves.

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