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cars drive around flower clock at Sa'at Al Zouhour Square Alexandria, Egypt
April 18, 2019

For lack of a better name, “resistance nostalgia” is the attempt to recover a golden image of the past while erasing its more unpleasant aspects for the sake of a future that one longs for but cannot articulate specifically because of authoritarian contexts. In this way, nostalgia can be used to overcome censorship in policed societies. […] If using memory as testimonial is imperative for political accountability, nostalgia can be important for the healing process of societies. It makes us forget things that we need to forget so societies can move on.

Macedonians rally in Skopje during the "name dispute" with Greece, 2018.
April 11, 2019

Emigrants and emigration organizations are becoming more influential in the public and political life of Macedonia. […] For example...

'Red Terror' Martyrs Memorial Museum, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
April 4, 2019

[T]he democratization of memory discourses requires a thinking through and from Africa that recognizes it as a mnemoscape entangled...

Samburu women's welcoming song
March 28, 2019

Performance is a key component of cultural tourism in East Africa, usually offering tourists a sumptuous and spectacular...

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