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Mar 2019

Women protest naked in Ekiti, Nigeria, in September 2009 demanding that Dr. Fayemi be declared winner of Ekiti gubernatorial election rerun.
March 14, 2019

More than mere civic-minded community, a public-spirited citizenry working cooperatively in the public interest as a complement to the state, what is required is a form of civil disobedience that can cut through the pervasive coercion of this new world order. I suggest that an indigenous African form of civil society does exist, which offers just such a critique. It provides a profound vision for the restoration of African governance from the bottom up.

crewmembers of STS-131 and Expedition 23 aboard the International Space Station, 2010
March 7, 2019

[T]he role of science diplomacy should be to find and communicate new models and new paradigms to understand the varying academic,...