21st century

Our research cluster analyzes the specific features of contemporary globalization, emphasizing the social forces, fields, and trajectories that are shaping our world today.

Areas of Research

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Gender & Islam
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Human Rights
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Media & Culture
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Political Economy


  • Media Fields conference poster - RUINS
    EventsApril 2017
    The Media Fields Editorial Collective 6th biennial conference, RUINS, includes an opening keynote address from Dr. Marwan Kraidy, Anthony Shadid Chair of Global Media, Politics & Culture and Director of the Center for Advanced Research in Global Communication at the University of Pennsylvania.
  • UConn event poster
    NewsMarch 2017
    Alison Brysk delivers lecture as 2016-2017 Marsha Lilien Gladstein Visiting Professor of Human Rights at the Human Rights Institute, University of Connecticut.
  • Changing Channels - conference poster
    EventsMarch 2017
    exploring the dynamism of media creation and delivery systems and their implications for an interconnected world


a global studies journal

Black Lives Matter march 2015
March 21, 2017
  • Drucilla Cornell
  • Stephen D. Seely
Shantou University bell tower, Maya Lin
March 23, 2017
James McDougall

One of the projects of global studies is to reconstitute space such that the map highlights an interconnectedness of the world. By insisting on connections rather than difference, global studies has been providing new maps within academia—even in places where old maps die hard.

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