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Our research cluster analyzes the specific features of contemporary globalization, emphasizing the social forces, fields, and trajectories that are shaping our world today.

Areas of Research

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Gender & Islam
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Human Rights
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Media & Culture
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Political Economy


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    EventsApril 2019
    The Mellichamp Global Dynamics Initiative cosponsors the 7th biennial Media Fields conference, "Display: Excess and Visibility in Film, Media, and Culture," exploring topics ranging from migrant detention centers and adult trade shows to electronic control weaponry and theatrical video game performances.
  • EventsMarch 2019
    This presentation by UCSB alumnus Greg Burris examines the history of Black-Palestinian relations, analyzing linkages that have been fashioned through a variety of media forms. Co-sponsored by the 21st Century Global Dynamics initiative.
  • EventsFebruary 2019
    The 3rd annual graduate student conference of the Society of Global Scholars, "Transgressing Global Borders," is a call to scholars, activists, social movements, and students to rethink and respond to current discourses surrounding borders. Co-sponsored by the 21st Century Global Dynamics initiative.
Condoleezza Rice, Dick Cheney, George W. Bush
May 16, 2019

There is little doubt that 9/11 has shifted the tectonic plates of geopolitical and normative space. This shift is characterized by an increasingly assertive form of hegemonic conduct through ‘ad hoc coalitions of the willing’ and by a corresponding a la carte approach to the multilateral institutions, rules, and processes that guide interstate and transnational action.

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