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Our research cluster analyzes the specific features of contemporary globalization, emphasizing the social forces, fields, and trajectories that are shaping our world today.

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  • Globalization & Culture (4th edn.) cover
    PublicationsMay 2019
    In this seminal text, Mellichamp Professor Jan Nederveen Pieterse disputes the view that we are experiencing a “clash of civilizations” as well as the idea that globalization leads to cultural homogenization, arguing instead that we are witnessing the formation of a global mélange culture through processes of cultural mixing or hybridization.
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    EventsApril 2019
    The Mellichamp Global Dynamics Initiative cosponsors the 7th biennial Media Fields conference, "Display: Excess and Visibility in Film, Media, and Culture," exploring topics ranging from migrant detention centers and adult trade shows to electronic control weaponry and theatrical video game performances.
  • EventsMarch 2019
    This presentation by UCSB alumnus Greg Burris examines the history of Black-Palestinian relations, analyzing linkages that have been fashioned through a variety of media forms. Co-sponsored by the 21st Century Global Dynamics initiative.


a global studies journal

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November 7, 2019

[T]here is a need to decolonize doctoral education worldwide. Considering that academia falls somewhere between true globalization and Western intellectual hegemony, diversification is a good idea. [...] But there is a more insidious problem. If a scholar is caught in the situation where to make their field respectable is to follow an American-European way of doing things, one may not easily be able to escape, as the dominant paradigm is the only resource known to you that confers respectability. This is a Gramscian reality. This is how hegemony works.