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Our research cluster analyzes the specific features of contemporary globalization, emphasizing the social forces, fields, and trajectories that are shaping our world today.

Areas of Research

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Gender & Islam
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Human Rights
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Media & Culture
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Political Economy


  • EventsFebruary 2019
    The 3rd annual graduate student conference of the Society of Global Scholars, "Transgressing Global Borders," is a call to scholars, activists, social movements, and students to rethink and respond to current discourses surrounding borders. Co-sponsored by the 21st Century Global Dynamics initiative.
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    EventsFebruary 2019
    Mellichamp initiative visiting scholar discusses how global processes must be considered to understand the impact developments such as digitization, migration, etc. have on regional labor markets. The flexibility of an internationally mobile workforce and accelerating changes in skill requirements produce disparities on multiple levels.
  • EventsFebruary 2019
    Speaker David Hesmondhalgh discusses the political-economic and moral-economic implications of the increasing power of streaming services as gatekeepers to music and television content and the increasing penetration of giant tech corporations and start-ups into the realm of music and television.


a global studies journal

Battle between Mongols & Chinese (1211). Jami' al-tawarikh, by Rashid al-Din, 14th century.
February 21, 2019

[O]vercoming the binary of Europe and Asia [posits] Eurasia as a geographical and historical entity to highlight both geographical propinquity and economic connectivity. This deeper historical analysis reconstitutes geography, offering a multidimensional and non-linear perspective that results in an alternative view of globalization by de-linking it from its purported European origin. Globalization, viewed as structures of connectivity manifested in exchanges of ideas, thoughts, ideologies, practices and shared values, has multiple origins.

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